Japan Booster Insurance Program

Do you have any bad experience with overseas purchase? Join JB Insurance Program to secure your purchase. JB Insurance Program protects you from possible future loss caused by tough and long journey to you from Japan. It ensures that you get a full refund of the amount that you paid to Japan Booster, in case that your package get lost or damaged during transportation.

What does JB Insurance Program cover?

1) Amount of the item price + Shipping fee
When your package gets lost during transportation:
Every package is trackable with the tracking service provided by Japan Post, however, sometimes it does not work well and the delivery status never updates. If the package does not arrive even the estimated delivery date past so that we should determine the package is lost, we will make a full refund of the total amount of the item price and the shipping fee.
2) Amount of the item price
When you receive the item damaged:
If any of the items are damaged upon receipt, we will make a refund of the item price of the said item. Depending the situation - such as you ordered only one item and it got damaged.- the shipping fee will be refunded too.
Please kindly note:
- Tax and Duties are not covered by the JB Insurance Program.
- If the items are shipped to another address after original delivery, the claim is not eligible for the JB Insurance Program.
- If you fail to receive the package or refuse delivery, the claim is not eligible for the JB Insurance Program.

How to join the JB Insurance Program? and How much does it cost?

To apply the JB Insurance Program to your order, please click a check box in your shopping cart. JPY500 will be charged on one order.
Please kindly note:
The JB insurance Program cannot be cancelled once the payment is made. Insurance charge cannot be refunded.

How to claim a refund?

Please log in and submit a form.