On Japan Booster, all items are eligible for Free Shipping if you buy more than 15 items together in one order.

How to count 5 items?

It is simply the total Quantity of items in your shopping cart.
Set items of multiple cars/models shall be counted as 1 item.

How much is shipping fee if ordering less than 5 items?

For purchases less than 5 items, it's flat rate, no additional fee for combined shipping*.
For example, if you buy 1 item, the shipping fee to the United States is 710 JPY in a single price, even you buy only 1 item or 4 items. It depends on the shipping zone :
QTY North/Central America, Europe, Oceania South America Asia
1 710 JPY 790 JPY 630 JPY
2 710 JPY 790 JPY 630 JPY
3 710 JPY 790 JPY 630 JPY
4 710 JPY 790 JPY 630 JPY

*Restriction on Combined Shipping

- Pre-order items of different release date cannot be combined. Each package will be charged the shipping fee separately.
For example if you want to pre-order an item released on Apr 1 and an item released on May 1 together, you need to make 2 orders separately.

- Pre-order items cannot be combined with normal items.